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House Service

Having concluded the leasing agreement through the "East House" agency for a period of 12 calendar months or more and after the payment for the services provided by the company, the client gets the chance to use additional service program "House Service". It is included in the terms of the agreement with the "East House" agency which is signed by a client.

How the program works

  • The program "House Service" starts from the moment of signing the leasing agreement and continues throughout the calendar year.
  • The services are provided free of charge. Yet all necessary expenses like utility bill charges, payment of necessary repairs and likewise are paid by a customer.
  • After 12 months (calendar year), a customer can conclude the duplicative agreement for the provision of additional services by the "House Service" program, but with the need to pay for them according to the price list.

What the "House Service" program includes:

  1. Help in paying utility bills.
  2. Control the technical condition of utility systems and other household appliances.
  3. Insurance of the premises against the accidents which may cause unintended damage of the property.

The agency employees control the condition of your housing, inform about existing faults and give useful advice on how to increase its safety.

Every client, concluding both leasing and maintenance agreements under the "House Service" program may look forward to one of the presents:


  • «Light present» modern gadget to create comfort at home (rentals from 1500$ to 2999$).
  • «Prestige present» irreplaceable kitchen assistant (rentals from 3000$ to 4999$).
  • «Premium present» satellite dish «Hot Bird» (rentals from 5000$ to 7999$).
  • «Exclusive present» full gift set (rentals from 8000$ and above).