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Comfortable residence in the historical center of Astana is offered by the "Abay" residential complex which is located within the Gabdullin, Otyrar and Imanbayev streets. The residential complex of business class has been put into operation and consists of the two buildings with variable number of stores (9-16-18), and it includes residential and office premises. Besides, it has a multilevel parking.

The complex was put into operation in 2007 by "Stroyinvest-SK" construction company. Due to its architecture, the building blends harmoniously with the style and appearance of the city center. the latest technologies of homebuilding were used for the construction of the complex. The interior and exterior finishes of the building are made of the high-quality building material. Their own operation service shall provide safety, comfort and sanitary condition of the entire complex at a high level. The area is fenced and planted. In the yard there are playgrounds and sport grounds, benches and illumination, walkways and resting places. Nearby there is a sporting goods store – "Megasport", cafes and supermarkets, medical and dental clinics, and a school, a shopping center and a bank as well.