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akademiya resultThe "Academia" is a modern 6-storeyed residential complex located in an advanced, quiet and comfortable area where infrastructure is developed and new houses are built. The complex is built along the Korgalzhin motorway that allows quick access to any point in the city. Near the complex there is Kazakhstan State Law University, a business center, shops, a kindergarten, cafes, a school; the parking is provided.

The unusual building of the complex attracts attention. The layout of the housing is roomy and spacious. The windows overlook a spectacular panorama of the city and the River Esil. Nearby there is a parking zone with a fountain where you can enjoy fresh air and a pleasant stay. There are convenient driveways leading to the residential complex. The yard of the complex is planted and landscaped. Playgrounds and sport grounds, walking alleys, lawns and flowerbeds are provided. The "Academia" residential complex was put into operation in 2012.