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Paris quarter

The “Paris quarter” residential complex is a modern one for a conceptual new lifestyle. The very name of the project is based on the concept – exquisite style of architecture and design inspired by romantic and luxurious notes of France. The developer of this unique project is the “BI Group” company. In 2013 it was put into operation.

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ЖК «Премьера» представляет собой 9 высотных домов по 7, 8, 12, 14 этажей — всего в жилом комплексе 648 квартир. Дома выполнены в классическом стиле из кирпича, а фасады облицованы травертином и украшены элементами из фибробетона и вариациями художественной ковки. ЖК «Премьера» соседствует с ЖК Триумф Астана и Цирком. Эти новостройки Астаны обладают собственной инфраструктурой:

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The "Premium" residential complex of a business class is located on the left bank of the Esil River in the Saraishyk Street. Here you are in the neighborhood close Baiterek, the Ministry of Defense and the Green Water Boulevard with all its beauty. The house is close to the intersection of the central motorways of the city which allows you to access any point in the city easily.

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005 resultTwelve-storey residential complex "Prestige" rises on the embankment of the Esil River, near the pedestrian bridge Seruen. The complex complies with the highest engineering and construction requirements. Noble gray, classic elements on the facades, stained glass windows create a pleasant experience. Quiet park atmosphere and developed infrastructure make the complex attractive for the living. The variety of restaurants, boutiques, beauty salons, pharmacies, schools, kindergartens, shops located nearby are available to the tenants of the complex.

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The residential complex "Rakhat" rises in a dynamic and developed center of the capital. The complex of the business class is located in a quiet area of the city and belongs to a new category of luxury housing. The builder is "Paritet-2003" LLP the construction company. The residents have access to all the privileges of active urban life. There is a convenient transportation with bus stops, parking lots and car services. In the close proximity of the house there are kindergartens No. 26, 28, school No. 8, lyceum No. 54, a secondary school No. 16, a children music school No. 13 , a leisure complex , central hospital with polyclinic , cafes , restaurants, supermarkets and boutiques.

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Rixos Khan Shatyr Residences

"Rixos Khan Shatyr Residences" is located in the very heart of Astana, next to the new symbol of the capital – shopping and entertainment center "Khan Shatyr". The panorama of the apartments reveals all the best that Astana can be proud of; they are breathtaking sceneries: Green Water Boulevard, the "Nur Astana" mosque, "Khan Shatyr", "Baiterek" and "Akorda".

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