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The “Capital” elite class residential complex is for those who want to have a modern apartment in a comfortable and new house. The 29-storeyed complex is located in a prestigious area of the capital old center, close to the Republic Avenue.

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Caspian Palace

The "Caspian Palace" residential complex is located on the left bank of the city and is aligned with the President Palace. The building architecture perfectly combines the white facade with the blue roof dome. The facade has decorative illumination. Thanks to large windows, the apartments are well lit in the daytime. Everything in this house corresponds to its accommodation and its type.

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Center of International Trade

Housing-estate-International-Trade-Center resultThe residential complex is located on the left bank of the Esil River on the Green Water Boulevard. The complex with variable numbers of stores (9, 8, 7, 6 stores) consists of 12 hallways, 140 apartments. The developer is the "Naiza Kurylys" construction company.

Planting, fences, access control system – all of this is provided to make a parking as comfortable and safe as possible.

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City romance

gorod-romansThe luxurious "City romance" residential complex, at the intersection of the Tauyelsizdik and Shamshi Kaldayakov streets, shall give you romanticism and festiveness. The architectural styles of baroque and rococo are perfectly combined with the medieval gothic. Facades are decorated with bas-reliefs and smooth transitions. The design concept shall amaze you with a stylistic arch and a square. Close to the complex there is Palace of Peace and Reconciliation.

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The "Dolphine" residential complex is located in the comfortable area on the left bank, on the one of main motorways of the city, Turan Avenue. The house shall definitely please you with its developed infrastructure and favorable location. At the same area there is "Mega" and "Saryarka" shopping and entertainment centers, "Duman" oceanarium, a chain of restaurants, a school, a child development center and much more. The residential complex was put into operation in 2007. The 6-and 9-storeyed complex has a sheltered parking, a playground, and a fenced yard. The area is well lit. You can access any part of the city, the central motorways.

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English Square

The "English square" residential complex is located in the right bank of the river Esil. The windows of the luxurious apartments overlook a beautiful view of the President Park. Near the "English square" is the "Haileybury" school. And just a short distance from the complex there are the best sights of Astana: Palace of Independence, Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, Museum of the History of Kazakhstan, "Kazakhstan" Central Concert Hall, Khazret Sultan Mosque, and Kazakh Eli Monument. The architecture of the "English square" shows the atmosphere of good old England. Green lawns, cozy arbors and shady alleys are reminiscent of Covent Garden, and the graceful architecture, keeping the best English traditions, seems to take you to the brilliant London suburb.

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