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atameken1 resultThe "Atameken" residential complex is located in the most advanced area in Astana city. The well thought-out architectural style of the house is distinguished with its individuality and uniqueness. Moreover, it is seamlessly added to the landscape where abundance of greenery accentuates all the originality of design. There is a parking zone and waterfront views. The modern architecture with expensive finishing materials and big panoramic windows creates the atmosphere of nobility and luxury.

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The residential complex "Avicenna" is located in one of the most beautiful places of the new prestigious center of Astana city, close to Baiterek, the "Arai" park, the "Ak Orda" Presidential Palace, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Green Water Boulevard, the new multilevel transport interchange that connects the right bank and the new administrative center.

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Avicenna Elite

The "Avicenna" complex is an administrative and residential complex which is seamlessly added to the unique image of the new center of Astana. The windows overlook the Baiterek, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the "Arai" park, Green Water Boulevard and the "Ak Orda' Presidential Palace. With no changing traditions of a comfortable and safe housing, the developer, "Stroyinvest-SK" LLP realized a grand project which was designed by an outstanding architect, professor, academician of International Architecture academy Laptev V.A.

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001 resultThis residential complex with different number of stores is located on the right bank of the capital – "Zolotoy kvadrat" ("Golden Square"). It is distinguished by its tailored building with three colors: white, beige and blue. The blocks are topped with steeples. The house was put into operation in 2010. Two lifts, a guarded parking, a playground and a quiet yard.

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Azure Quarter

The “Azure Quarter” residential complex is a particle of France in the very center of Kazakhstani capital and the brightest project of the “BI Group” company. The complex was built in 2011. The unique project on the left bank is rightfully called “French Riviera”. The original architectural solutions and the ultramodern approach in construction allow you to get into luxury and elegance of Cote d’Azur, a world famous resort. The “Azure Quarter” is located in the most prospective area in Astana – on the left bank opposite the Diplomatic town and the “Rixos” hotel, close to the “Bayterek” monument.

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British Quarter

Жилой массив имеет очень привлекательное расположение: тихий однородный район, равно приближен как к старому, так и новому административному центру столицы. Удаленность от транспортной магистрали и площади зеленых насаждений позволяет повысить экологичность данного района. На площадке расположено по две - четыре квартиры. Основная часть квартир имеет обзор на две - три стороны. На первом (подземном) этаже размещен автопаркинг из расчета одно место на одну квартиру. Габариты автопаркинга запланированы под авто представительского класса и внедорожники.

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