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Altyn Zhiyek

The "Altyn Zhiyek" residential complex is a single ensemble that consists of the three 16-storeyed houses faced with ceramic bricks, with a multilevel garage and sport grounds in the yards. The entire complex includes 155 apartments. Its developer is the "Naiza Kurylys" construction company. The project was put into operation in 2006.

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dsc00649 resultThe "Arailym" residential complex located on the left bank of the Esil River is a small part of a new district of the city that has become the heart of the northern capital. The complex is located on the Saraishyk Street, close to Green Water Boulevard, Baiterek and other sights of the city. The 10-storeyed complex with an underground parking can become a cozy and comfortable residence for you.

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Чистовая отделка. Дом электрифицирован, радиофицирован, телефонизирован. Централизованное отопление и водопровод. Благоустройство территории, озеленение. Детский сад площадью 500 кв.м.,офисные и торговые помещения. Автопаркинг на 80 машин.

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arman resultThe residential complex is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Astana - on the Esil river waterfront, and it presents the ensemble of modern buildings; it is completely adapted to the demands of a modern citizen. The building concentrates all the service industries which can only be required for comfortable residence. A fitness center, restaurants, various shops and atelier are there. Fenced area and hour security make the residential area as safe as possible.

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Assem kala

The "Assem kala" elite residential complex is located at the intersection of Turan Prospect and the Kourgalzhin motorway, near the "Mega" shopping and entertainment center.

4-storeyed residential complex has a great location – a quiet district on the left bank, fenced area, aplayground, an underground parking, hour security and a kindergarten.

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Astana Zhuldyzy

002 resultThe "Astana Zhuldyzy" elite residential complex, built by the "Basis-А" company in 2003, is in one of the most beautiful areas in Astana – on the waterfront of the Esil River. The complex consists of two buildings (7 and 20 stores) united by a glass gallery. The great night illumination adds easiness of visual perception to the architecture of the building. The windows overlook stunning view of the park and a city panorama.

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